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The Ottawa Hospital 2013-2014 Annual Report

Message from the Chair of the Board
and the President and CEO

Better is never good enough at an academic health centre such as The Ottawa Hospital. That’s what drives our professionals who tirelessly seek new ways to save lives and enhance well-being. And that’s why people from all walks of life choose to work at The Ottawa Hospital. In turn, our patients benefit from having highly trained specialists who take the time to listen, understand their concerns and offer them and their families the hope and healing they seek. Indeed, the best ideas for new drugs, cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches to delivering care emerge when our people put the needs of our patients first. That’s what world-class care means to us.

We are proud to celebrate the innovation and leadership of our clinicians. On a number of fronts, our physicians and researchers have distinguished themselves over the past year, particularly in maternal-newborn health and cancer care. Dr. Nathalie Fleming won the first-ever provincial Minister's Medal honouring excellence in health quality and safety. The award recognized Dr. Fleming’s outreach clinic for pregnant teens and adolescent mothers.

Dr. Fleming was also celebrated at a provincial competition showcasing the top innovations in health-service delivery. In fact, The Ottawa Hospital dominated the event.

Of the 80 projects that were entered into the competition, seven came from our physicians and three of them won awards. Among the winners was Dr. Angel Arnaout, who was honoured for her rapid diagnostic and support program for women at high risk of breast cancer. Dr. Andrée Gruslin won for her efforts to reduce stillbirths and health complications in babies whose mothers are obese or have high-blood pressure. And for her program that brings cancer and cardiac specialists together, Dr. Susan Dent won an innovation award from the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario.

By putting the needs of their patients at the centre of all that they do, these physicians have found more efficient, user-friendly ways to deliver services while improving the health outcomes of the people they treat. We are proud of these leaders who are truly worthy of the trust that our patients place in our hospital.

Carole Workman
Chair, Board of Governors
Dr. Jack Kitts
President and CEO

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