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Message from the Chair of the Board and the President and CEO

The cornerstone of The Ottawa Hospital is its people: the compassionate staff and talented researchers who never lose sight of who they serve. Every day, these dedicated professionals care for patients who struggle with a difficult diagnosis, a debilitating illness, or a traumatic injury.

Our people honour the courage and resilience of patients with their own tenacity and audacity. They never stop looking for innovative ways to improve the delivery of patient care. They seek new ways to make the hospital experience of patients and their families easier and more compassionate. They dare to push the envelope in search of better treatments that save lives and protect against disease. They give hope to people who come to our hospital seeking new options born of promising research and advances in technology.

As one of Canada’s leading acute-care facilities, we bring talent, technology and discovery together to provide 21st-century health care. This year, we want to salute our physicians who not only deliver patient care, but are also recognized leaders in their particular fields of science. Their research uncovers critical insights and brings the future of medicine closer to home and to the present. Through their contributions, our clinician-scientists have built the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute into a scientific powerhouse that attracts more than $100 million in annual funding, placing us among the country’s top 10 academic hospitals.

This year’s annual report features leading clinician-scientists who all happen to be women, which is another cause for celebration. As expressed by Dr. Virginia Roth, co-chair of the hospital’s Female Physician Leadership Committee: “Through their leading research, these women have made a positive difference in the health of some of our most vulnerable patients: teenage mothers, cancer patients and the critically ill.”

World-class, compassionate care is what happens when highly specialized physicians, scientists, nurses and other professionals from around the world choose The Ottawa Hospital as the place where they want to make a difference. It is also what happens when our communities come together to support the hospital’s health-care workers, research and state-of-the-art facilities. With the talent we have in place and our demonstrated leadership in research, we are able to reaffirm our promise to provide you with the best care possible. Your continued support will carry us to even higher levels of excellence.

Dr. Jack Kitts
President and CEO

Carole Workman
Chair, Board of Governors

Why Ottawa?

Watch the video

The Ottawa Hospital is attracting top talent to the city. View this video to see why leading clinicians and scientists chose Ottawa as the place where they want to make a difference.

I felt that collaboration was just natural here.

–Dr. Vicente Corrales-Medina

I knew this would be a place where I could be surrounded by world-class scientists who are doing cutting-edge research and bringing the latest treatments for all of their patients.

–Dr. Angel Arnaout