Success Stories

in Research and Patient Care

Progress: This year’s achievements move The Ottawa Hospital closer to its vision

The achievements realized by employees, physicians and volunteers of The Ottawa Hospital this year move us closer to our vision of becoming a hospital that consistently succeeds in its promise “to provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion that we would want for our loved ones.”

Our digital report tells three success stories that clearly demonstrate how the team at TOH came together to meet patients’ unique needs; to provide excellent research that helps improve patient care; and to harness the power of technology to improve quality of care.

Together, these successes add to the foundation upon which we will build The Ottawa Hospital into one of North America’s top 10 per cent of hospitals in terms of quality of care and patient safety.

The power of compassion

How an ICU patient attended the birth of his ninth child

This is the story of Ottawa Rabbi Yehuda Simes.

The power of research

How the treatment of blood clots is being revolutionized right here in Ottawa

This is the story of Dr. Marc Rodger and his team’s groundbreaking thrombosis research.

The power of innovation

How technology transforms health care at The Ottawa Hospital

This is the story of how The Ottawa Hospital is harnessing the power of technology to transform health care.