At A Glance

A quick overview


TOH at a Glance

Our vision puts patients at the centre of all that we do. Please take a few moments to meet the men and women who make TOH successful.


Together, we’re working for our patients, their loved ones and our community.

It’s their stories that inspired our vision, and it’s on their behalf that we pursue excellence in patient care.


Today, physicians at TOH are delivering quality patient care and developing new ways to treat patients that will subsequently benefit all Canadians. We are proud that our physicians work at the forefront of exceptional patient care delivery.

Our physicians can also be found conducting important clinical research, serving as teachers and leaders, and working outside the hospital in the broader community. Within our research institute, breakthroughs enable our doctors to share their knowledge and passion with colleagues and patients both near and far.


Quality patient care at TOH would not be possible without our dedicated professional nursing team.

Nurses work closely with patients to properly administer medication and manage their care. From comforting patients, to monitoring their vital signs, to providing vaccinations during a crisis, our nurses serve the community with commitment and skill, blending compassion with knowledge.

Nurses also give emotional and educational support to patients and their families. In addition to providing care at the bedside, they play important roles in training, research and leadership.

TOH Health-Care Professionals

To complete the circle of care, TOH relies on a range of health-care professionals. From the dietitian who ensures nutritional needs are met, to the pharmacist who advises on drug therapy, each play a vital role in treatment, research and safety. A patient might also work with a radiation therapist, a cardiopulmonary technician, an audiologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist or a social worker.

The members of this integrated team of health-care professionals ensure each person who walks through our doors has access to the best possible care.

Support Staff

Without our dedicated support staff, TOH would not be able to provide patients with timely and appropriate care. Support staff members are essential in creating a reliable, efficient and organized environment, and play an essential role in caring for our patients.

With more than 12,000 employees, the hospital requires a skilled and professional group of people to ensure our doors remain open to the public. Working as a team, TOH’s support staff members take daily responsibility for the smooth, efficient and safe operation of our hospital and research facilities.

The work of our support staff—every day of the year—is integral to our ability to provide excellent health care to our community.


The hospital belongs to the community it serves, and we welcome members of the public to TOH to visit friends and loved ones, and to learn and grow with us. We are also lucky to have more than 1600 people who volunteer their time, energy and expertise to work with our staff and contribute to our patients’ positive experience of the hospital.

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of The Ottawa Hospital; an excellent example of compassion in action.