At A Glance

A quick overview

Leadership Team

Board of Governors

Appointments to The Ottawa Hospital's Board of Governors are made in accordance with Article 4 of the Administrative By-law.

The following individuals make up The Ottawa Hospital’s Board of Governors. Recent changes to the Board have been identified below:

  • Philip Murray (Chair)
  • Carole Workman (Vice-Chair)
  • Marlene Levine (Treasurer)
  • Dr. Jim Nininger (Past Chair)
  • Dr. Jacques Bradwejn (ex-officio)
  • Mary Dawson
  • Dr. Haissam Haddad (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Jack Kitts (ex-officio)
  • Michel Lavigne
  • Jennifer Lecour
  • Francine Levesque
  • Dr. John Mahoney (ex-officio)
  • James G. McCracken – appointed December 2010
  • Martin Parizeau
  • Dr. Ginette Rodger (ex-officio) – appointed January 2011
  • Shafique Shamji
  • Kay Stanley
  • Bashir Surani
  • Lillian Thomsen
  • Dr. Jeff Turnbull (ex-officio)
  • Diane Wood – resigned December 2010
  • Dr. Kirsten Woodend (ex-officio)

Senior Management Team

  • Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO
  • Dr. Jeff Turnbull, Chief of Staff
  • Michael Cuddihy, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Paula Doering, Senior Vice-President, Clinical Programs – Surgery, Cancer and Medical Imaging
    Regional Vice-President, Cancer Services, Champlain Regional Cancer Program
  • Cameron Love, Senior Vice-President, Clinical Programs, Planning and Support Services
  • Gino Picciano, Senior Vice-President and Chief Performance Officer
  • Dale Potter, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Ginette Rodger, Senior Vice-President, Professional Practice and Chief Nursing Executive
  • Richard Wilson, Senior Vice-President, Finance and Business Development
  • Dr. James Worthington, Senior Vice-President, Medical Affairs, Quality and Patient Safety
  • Connie Colasante, Vice-President, Professional Services and Clinical Programs Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Mental Health
  • Nicolas Ruszkowski, Vice-President, Communications and Outreach
  • Mike Tierney, Vice-President, Clinical Programs - Critical Care and Emergency
  • Dr. Duncan Stewart, CEO, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Vice-President, Research (TOH)
  • Susan Doyle, President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation
  • Dr. Bob Roberts, President and CEO, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Dr. Adam Cwinn, Medical Director, Critical Care, Emergency and Trauma
  • Dr. Wylam Faught, Medical Director, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Newborn Care
  • Dr. Philip Karas, Medical Director, Family Practice
  • Dr. Éric Poulin, Medical Director, Surgery
  • Dr. Robert Swenson, Medical Director, Mental Health
  • Dr. Phil Wells, Medical Director, Medicine