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About This Report

At TOH, not all our innovation takes place in the lab or operating room. The Ottawa Hospital's paperless annual report is another innovation from Ontario's busiest teaching hospital. Our team wants to be in touch with our community as often as possible, and our annual report helps us communicate more quickly and easily, to more people than ever before.

We've saved money by opting for a paperless product that provides readers with more options for saving, printing and sharing the report through e-mail and social networking. Fast and efficient, we’ve created this sustainable annual report to be kind to the environment and user-friendly for our community.

We've included a wide variety of information about our hospital, our people and their work, as well as a snapshot of some success stories. Facts and figures are supported by information about our medical teams, volunteers, staff and patients.

We've also included real patient voices from people who have been a part of the most inspiring moments at TOH.