The Ottawa Hospital
Annual Report 2014-2015

Tender Loving Research


Message from the Chair of the Board, and the President and CEO

Photo of James G. McCracken, Chair of the Board

James G. McCracken
Chair of the Board

Photo of Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO

Dr. Jack Kitts
President and CEO


The Ottawa Hospital, one of Canada’s largest academic hospitals, is committed to excellence – inspired by research and driven by compassion. As this online annual report for fiscal year 2014-2015 illustrates, we continue to excel in fulfilling our core mandate as a leader of acute tertiary care, educational programs, and innovation and research.

In 2014-2015, Ontario’s health system saw unprecedented change, and Ontario hospital budgets were flat-lined for a third consecutive year. The Ottawa Hospital has embraced the change. We continue to lead the way with robust educational programs, top-quality patient care, research and innovation while remaining fiscally responsible.

We balanced our budget for a 13th consecutive year by finding innovative solutions and creating significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. In fact, our cost profile has never been lower and our patient experience and quality of care have never been better. Despite increasing volumes of sicker patients and significant fiscal constraint, patients who arrive on our doorstep during their most vulnerable moments know that we are committed to greeting them with a smile and providing them with world-class care. The dedication and compassion of our health-care professionals and support staff set an exceptional standard for patient care.

Our research successes in 2014-2015 have kept The Ottawa Hospital amongst the top research hospitals in Canada. Our clinician scientists and researchers are leading the charge in exploring the next frontiers of 21st-century medicine. As international leaders in stem-cell research and regenerative medicine, we see a day when we will be able to rebuild the human body. We are also at the forefront of personalized medicine and see a day when all patients will receive customized care, matching their own genetic profile to that of their cancer. We are committed to research that changes practice, improving quality of life for patients and their families. This is what we call Tender Loving Research or TLR.

We are privileged to provide excellent care to the sickest and most complex patients in Ottawa and the Champlain LHIN, and we are proud of our successes in research that change the way we practise medicine. We like to say that, at TOH, you will receive tender loving research along with tender loving care.

“Our clinician scientists and researchers are leading the charge in exploring the next frontiers of 21st-century medicine.”